Ceschi Ramos talks to us about travelling, nightly strolls, Hercules Poirot and sports watches.

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Julio Francisco “Ceschi” Ramos (born July 24, 1981), better known as Ceschi Ramos, or mononymously as Ceschi (pronounced “chess-key”), is an American hip hop musician based in New Haven, Connecticut. He is a co-founder of Fake Four Inc. He won the Connecticut Music Awards for Best Hip Hop in 2014.

Ceschi released his first solo album, Fake Flowers, in 2004. They Hate Francisco False followed in 2006. In 2008, Ceschi and his brother David Ramos founded the record label Fake Four Inc. Ceschi released The One Man Band Broke Up, a collaborative album with German producer DJ Scientist, in July 2010. It was described by Tiny Mix Tapes as “music for the saddest party in recorded human history. In 2014, Ceschi won the Connecticut Music Awards for Best Hip Hop. He released Broken Bone Ballads, a collaborative album with Canadian producer Factor Chandelier, in April 2015.

Concept, Drawings and Animation: Tom De Geeter
Ceegee Voice and Character: Mike Ladd