Crate Records Natural Limoncello


Only pick-up at Crate Records, Overbekeplein 6, Kortrijk, Belgium

Limited edition Natural Limoncello
30% alcohol – 50cl
Manufactured and bottled by Albatross Liquors

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Natural Limoncello – Handcrafted In Belgium

This Natural Limoncello is made from the tastiest organic lemons from Sorrento in Italy. These lemons owe their quality to the microclimate and the volcanic soil that are so typical for that region.

The lemon peel is drawn in alcohol and natural sugars, mineral water and our secret ingredient are added to this infusion. The maceration takes at least 2 weeks and is stirred daily for perfect taste binding. The syrup is made with fructose instead of sucrose or glucose which makes this lemoncello feel much less sticky in the mouth. Moreover, fructose contains half the calories!

In the long neck of the bottle there are small essential oil drops visible, also called “Il collarino”. These come from the skin of the lemons and are an indication of the high quality and use of 100% natural ingredients.

Made in Belgium!

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