Greg MacPherson talks to us about fantasy dinner parties, heated roads, community activism and a whole bunch of jazz.

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Greg MacPherson (born 1973) is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. MacPherson performs both solo and with a backing band.

In addition to his musical career, MacPherson co-owns Canadian indie label Disintegration Records, and works as a community organizer in Winnipeg’s inner city. He has previously released albums on G7 Welcoming Committee Records, and more recently Smallman Records. The independent record label play/rec, based in Copenhagen, has released a compilation LP in Europe. His two most recent albums, Disintegration Blues in 2011 and Fireball in 2013, were released on his own Disintegration Records following the demise of both G7 Welcoming Committee Records and Smallman Records.

Concept, Drawings and Animation: Tom De Geeter
Ceegee Voice and Character: Mike Ladd