Rap Snapshots (2023)

PG | 41 min | Music Documentary
Directed, Written and Illustrated by Tom De Geeter

If you know a spot in your city who wants to do a screening of my documentary Rap Snapshots, please contact me and I’m sure we can put something together.

In the early 70s DJ Kool Herc’s innovative use of turntables and breakbeats at block parties in the South Bronx laid the foundation for the birth of hip-hop, revolutionizing the music scene and paving the way for a global cultural phenomenon. For this playlist I’ve selected the beats, the rhymes and the stories in hip-hop has stood out for me over the last five decades. It’s a personal playist, one in which you’ll find the tracks that were the backdrop to my first crush, the anthems that fueled late night parties and the verses that provided solace during tough times. Some of these tracks even inspired me to start making music myself. So from the boombap of the ‘ 80s to the rap of today, this document is a reflection of me growing up alongside the evolution of hip-hop. It might not reflect your taste or be historical accurate but it’s a series of snapshots captured through the lyrics that spoke to my heart and through the beats that became the soundtrack of my life. So whether you’re a lifelong hip-hop head or just embarking on this musical journey, immerse yourself in the sound of a cultural revolution that has no signs of slowing down. From my shop Crate Records in Kortrijk, Belgium, my name is Tom De Geeter and I hope I can be of any assistance in your exploration. Welcome to Rap Snapshots.

Artists about Rap Snapshots

Masta Ace

Devin The Dude

Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers)

Professor Griff (Public Enemy)

DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia)

Slug (Atmosphere)

Press about Rap Snapshots

Rap Snapshots Zine

Rap Snapshots


Rap Snapshots is a limited edition magazine of 48 pages, celebrating 50 years of hip hop trough a playlist and illustrations.

Comes with a chronological playlist.
Compiled and mixed by Tom De Geeter.
Curated, illustrated and designed by Tom De Geeter.

Price: 10€
48 pages / format 17x24cm
Published by Crate Books

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